Hello OM’s worldwide,
my name is Ralf and i`m was born 1959 in Saarlouis, a small town in a part of S/W Germany – directly nearby to the France and Luxembourg border.

I have my HAM radio Operator license since 1987 with the Callsign ‚DB9VE‘. Before that i was a radio shortwave listener with a hearing recognition ‚DE5RSE‘ .. but it all started 10 years earlier (about 1977) with CB radio.

I studied electrical engineering and have worked in the building security technology department for the last 30 years. I’ve been retired since 2020.

Now I live in a small village in the countryside (Loc. JN39hh). My QTH has about 590 inhabitants and is located 360 m above sea level and about 20 km northwest of the capital Saarbrücken (Germany, France and Luxembourg triangle)

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